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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is oil recovery by the injection of materials not normally present in the reservoir; this book illustrates a range of methods and the importance of fractional flow theory and phase behavior as a means of understanding EOR from a reservoir engineering standpoint. Both professional researchers and students in all areas dealing with flow in permeable media will find this book to be a valuable day-to-day resource. While there is enough background and general knowledge in the book to interest anyone associated with enhanced oil recovery, there is also a good representation of specialized material; the author provides a pedagogical basis for the discipline of enhanced oil recovery, and he covers all forms of EOR.

             Written by :       Larry W. Lake
No. of pages:          414
Contents: Defining enhanced oil recovery • Basic equations for fluid flow in permeable media • Petrophysics and petrochemistry • Phase behavior and fluid properties • Displacement efficiency • Volumetric sweep • Solvent methods • Polymer methods • Micellar-polymer flooding • Other chemical methods • Thermal methods

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