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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seismic stratigraphy, basin analysis and reservoir characterization

The first initial draft on seismic stratigraphy was compiled at the ENSG in Nancy and it formed the starting point for this publication. The students appreciated the hand-out written from a work experience perspective. They enjoyed the practical exercises that formed integral part of the course. One memorable post-doc training session was given on board of the MS “Atalante” of Ifremer, where Prof Dr. J.P. Rehault and his team conducted his oceanographic research. French seamen superstition stipulates that the word “lapin” should never be pronounced on board of a ship and the awkward expression “animal with the long ears” is conscientiously used instead. During our voyage the weather conditions were excellent till the day there was “rabbit” on the menu. The same morning our cook asked me whether I was superstitious and added immediately that the captain certainly was. I answered “No, of course not”, but I must admit that my reply was a bit hasty. That day, close to the Azores archipelago, the wind force suddenly increased and high seas were attacking our Ifremer research vessel. At the same time the magnetometer failed and it was decided to haul the measuring device in, to submit it to a detailed inspection. The tool was carefully examined and found nothing wrong, it was put over-board again the next day. Surprisingly it functioned superbly until the end of our journey and nobody really knew what had been wrong with it in the first place. It shows that sometimes the mysteries of the sea are indeed impenetrable.
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