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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Casing Design Theory and practice

At a certain stage during the drilling of oil and gas wells. it becomes necessary to line the walls of a borehole with steel pipe which is called casing. Casing serves numerous purposes during the drilling and production history of oil and gas wells, these include:
***Keeping the hole open by preventing the weak format ions from collapsing. i.e., caving of the hole.
Serving as a high strength flow conduit to surface for both drilling and production fluids.
Protecting the freshwater-bearing formations from contamination by drilling and production fluids.

Written by: S.S. Raham
--Providing a suitable support for wellhead equipment and blowout preventers for controlling subsurface pressure. and for the iristallation of tubing and sulxurface equipment.
--Providing safe passage for running wireline equipment
--Allowing isolated comunication whit selectivrely perforated foriiiation(s) of interest.
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