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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Offshore Pioneers - Brown & Root and history of offshore oil and gas

Brown & Root, a Houston-based engineering and construction firm, built the platform from which Kerr-McGee Oil Industries drilled the first producing well beyond the sight of land in the Gulf of Mexico. The well came in on November 14, 1947, a date that marks the birth of the modem offshore oil and gas industry. Before 1947, companies had extracted oil from underwater fields, but these deposits were located primarily in protected inland waters. Oil had been produced offshore in the Gulf of Mexico before 1947, but always in sight of land. Kerr- McGee's well, in eighteen feet of water, ten and a half miles from the Louisiana shore, went a step beyond those previous developments. The Kermac 16 stood in the open waters of the Gulf, exposed to the fury of waves and wind. The success of this platform in producing oil from beyond the horizon heralded a new era of technological innovation that subsequently spread to offshore provinces throughout the world.
No. of pages: 321
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I would really like someone to email me a copy of this book as it seems the download link is not valid. I really need this book to teach my staff who have no background of the OIlfield industry. My email is

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