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Monday, August 26, 2013

First Steps In Seismic Interpretation

In his classic text Seismic Prospecting for Oil, C. Hewitt Dix remarked that the correlation of one reflection record with another, that is, the interpretation of seismic data, is a procedure that “can hardly be described in words.” First Steps in Seismic Interpretation (Geophysical Monograph Series No. 16) is a book about fundamental concepts and practices of seismic interpretation that attempts to achieve such a description. Intended for beginning interpreters, this book approaches interpretation via synthesis of concepts and practical applications rather than through formal treatment of basic physics and geology. It is based on Don Herron's personal experience as a seismic interpreter and is organized along the lines of notes from interpretation classes that he designed and teaches.

Written by: Donald A. Herron, Rebecca B. Latimer

No. of pages: 203
Fundamentals of Geophysical Interpretation is a practical handbook for the petroleum geophysicist. Fundamental concepts are explained using heuristic descriptions of seismic modeling, deconvolution, depth migration, and tomography. Pitfalls in processing and contouring are described briefly. Applications include petroleum exploration of carbonate reefs, salt intrusions, and overthrust faults. The book includes past, present, and possible future developments in time-lapse seismology, borehole geophysics, multicomponent seismology, and integrated reservoir characterization.
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