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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fundamentals of gas natural processing

To help the reader understand the need of each processing step, the book follows the gas stream from the wellhead to the market place. The book focuses primarily on the gas plant processes. Wherever possible, the advantages, limitations, and ranges of applicability of the processes are discussed so that their selection and integration into the overall gas plant can be fully understood and appreciated. The book compiles information from other books, open literature, and meeting proceedings** to hopefully give an accurate picture of where the gas processing technology stands today, as well as indicate some relatively new technologies that could become important in the future. An invaluable contribution to the book is the insight provided to the authors by experts in certain applications.

Written by: Zhangxin Chen, Guanren Huan, Yuanle Ma
No. of pages: 429
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muy buena informacion por favor ayuden con manejo y tratamiento de GLP

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terimakasih izin download yaa :)

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