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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Schlumberger: Well Cementing

Without adequate zonal isolation, wells are unlikely to reach their full producing potential. The ultimate goal of cementing is to provide well integrity through zonal isolation—a durable hydraulic seal in the wellbore that allows selective fluid production from subsurface formations and prevents leaks into other formations or to the surface. As production companies pursue reserves in high-cost, high-risk environments, well cementing and sustained wellbore integrity are increasingly critical to the success of the reservoir exploitation cycle.

Written by: Erik B. Nelson
No. of pages: 487
Well cementing draws on several disciplines, including chemistry, mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, mathematics, and geology. Industry experts in these disciplines have updated and expanded the classic 1990 text to create this comprehensive reference book, edited by Erik Nelson and Dominique Guillot, and published by Schlumberger. The book is intended for oilfield technical professionals as well as university students. Well Cementing, Second Edition, describes current cementing technologies in clear, detailed text liberally supported by full-color illustrations and photographs.
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