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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Directional Horizontal Drilling Manual PetroSkills

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has emerged as an innovative technology for installing natural gas transmission lines and other utility conduits under wetlands and waterways, roadways and existing structures. This Best Management Practices (BMP) manual has been designed as a comprehensive decision-making tool which covers many facets of HDD planning, engineering, construction, and environmental protection and mitigation, including management of the drilling muds and contingency planning. While universal in its applicability, the manual’s emphasis is for use in HDD operations for the natural gas pipeline industry. The manual focuses on environmental impacts and the steps to take for prevention, mitigation and cleanup of such impacts. The following sections are included: regulatory requirements and guidelines; HDD as a technology; typical features and resources suitable for HDD; construction and engineering considerations; environmental impacts from inadvertent returns; and environmental Best Management Practices. The manual should be a useful reference for contractors, field personnel, planners, regulators, engineers, and others.

Written by: Richard S. Carden & Robert D. Grace.
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