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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Petroleum Drilling and Well Completions by Carl Gatlin

This book presents an integrated picture of drilling and well completion operations as they are normally encountered by the petroleum engineer. This text is primarily concerned with operational procedures and not with detailed descriptions and analysis of equipment. 
The chapters on reservoir fluid properties, reservoir rock properties, exploration and leasing practices, core analysis, well logging and formation damage included.

1 The Nature of Petroleum
2 Concepts of Petroleum Geology and Basic Rock Properties
3 Petroleum Exploration Methods and General Leasing Practices
4 Cable Tool Drilling
5 Rotary Drilling: General Method and Equipmnent
6 The Composition, Functions, and General Nature of Rotary Drilling Fluids
7 Rotary Drilling Hydraulics
8 Factors Affecting Penetration Rate
9 Rotary Drilling Techniques
10 Coring and Core Analysis
11 Well Logging
12 Formation Damage
13 Drill Stem Testing
14 Oil Well Cementing and Casing Practices
15 The Well Completion
Appendix A
Appendix B

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