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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation

The second edition of Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation has been expanded to include background material on reservoir engineering. The chapters in Part I - Reservoir Engineering Primer are intended to make the book more accessible to people from such disciplines as geology, geophysics, and hydrology.

The material should serve as a review for petroleum engineers. Chapters in Part II - Modeling Principles have been substantially revised and updated where appropriate. Exercises have been added or modified to improve their usefulness. Much of the material in the program technical supplement has been integrated into the main body of the text because it is relevant for flow simulators in general, and not just for the accompanying software. The simulator WINB4D accompanying the text is a version of the original BOAST4D flow simulator modified for use in a Windows operating environment with a dynamic memory management system. The dynamic memory management system expands the range of applicability of the program. A visualization program (3DVIEW) is included on the accompanying CD. It lets the reader obtain a 3D perspective of the reservoir using WINB4D output.

Written by: John R. Fanchi
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