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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Bad Oilfield Incident – Drill collar in drillers shack

We don’t really know much about the detail of this incident. If you know, please feel free to share with us so other people will learn from this event.
 Drill Collar laid across the rig floor
 Drill shack was totally damaged.
 I hope the driller did not get hurt.
 The drill collar was dropped inside the driller shack.
 This was another view which was pretty scary.
 The broken glass was everywhere.
 The panel and joy stick were damaged.
 The drill collar was dropped into the shack.
 Everything in the room was ruin.
 Look at the derrick. Two drill collars laid across the derrick.
 The drill collar, bit, wear bushing, etc on the rig floor.
 Few more pictures are below.

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