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Friday, September 27, 2013

Drilling engineering: a complete well planning approach

Author introduction:
My goal for this book was to prepare a document that could serve as a guide for most drilling and well planning applications. I believe it contains a good blend of theory and commonly accepted practices. In addition, most concepts have been presented both narratively and with example problems so the drilling engineer using this book can make good, logical decisions when special situations arise. 
Drilling topics must be presented in some logical format. I chose to discuss each item in this book in the order in which it would be encountered during well planning and drilling. For example, since historical drilling data must be gathered before selecting a casing string, the chapter on drilling data acquisition precedes c~sing design. For the most part, I oriented the book toward planning and drilling abnormal pressure wells. The obvious reason is that they generally pose the most difficult problems and have higher drilling costs. Subnormal pressure wells are considered in this book since they have unique problems. 
I have included example and homework problems in this text. A solution set may be available from the publisher in the future for the homework problems and the case study in the Appendix.
Written by: Neal J. Adams &  Tommie Charrier 
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