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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well control for a drilling team

The objective of this manual is to provide a good understanding of the fundamentals of Well Control that can be applied to most Well Control operations. In all cases, minimising the kick volume and closing the well in is our first priority. This manual describes industry recognised standards and practices and basic Well Control procedures. They differ from our advanced Well Control methods which tend to be well, formation, or rig specific. The manual covers the guidelines found in API 59 and API 53 along with the International Well Control Forum syllabus. All Well Control principles rely upon an understanding that good planning and early recognition and close-in is the best form of Well Control. Not all kicks are swabbed kicks; many wells are drilled into unknown formation. It is recognised that equipment can fail despite all the correct procedures being followed. This is why you will find the equipment section comprehensive and useful for general trouble shooting ideas.
Written by: RIGTRAIN
No. of pages: 311
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