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Friday, September 20, 2013

Well Test Interpretation Schlumberger

From its modest beginnings as a rudimentary productivity test, well testing has progressed to become one of the most powerful tools for determining complex reservoir characteristics. This fifth book in the Schlumberger Testing Services set summarizes the state of the art in well test interpretation. It emphasizes the need for both a controlled downhole environment and high-performance gauges, which have made well testing a powerful reservoir description tool. Also addressed in this book are descriptive (or reservoir) well testing, the application of simultaneously recorded downhole rate and pressure measurements to well testing, and testing gas wells. The special kinds of well testing discussed include testing layered reservoirs and horizontal wells, multiple-well testing, vertical interference, and combined perforation and testing techniques. Testing low-energy wells, water injection wells and sucker-rod pumping wells is also outlined.
No. of pages: 517
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