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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Relative Permeability of Petroleum Reservoirs

A more useful form of Darcy's law can be obtained if we assurne that a rock which contains more than one fluid has an effective permeability to each fluid phase and that the effectivep ermeabilityt o each fluid is a function of its percentages aturation.T he effective permeabilityo f a rock to a fluid with which it is 1007.os aturatedis equal to the absolute permeability of the rock. Effective permeability to each fluid phase is considered to be independenot f the other fluid phasesa nd the phasesa re consideredto be immiscible. If we define relative permeability as the ratio of effective permeability to absolute permeability, Darcy's law may be restated for a system which contains three fluid phases as tirllows.
Written by: Mehdi Honarpour, Leonard Koederitz, A. Herbert Harvey
No. of pages: 141
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