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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Enhanced Oil Recovery By Don W. Green and G. Paul Willhite

This textbook describes technologies that can be applied to recover oil that cannot be produced by primary recovery or waterflooding. These technologies include polymer, micellar-polymer, and CO2 flooding, as well as thermal-recovery processes that are typically implemented following primary production. A prior understanding of basic petrophysics, fluid properties, and material balances is recommended.
Written by: Don W. Green and G. Paul Willhite

No. of pages: 545
Contents: Introduction to EOR processes • Microscopic displacement of fluids in a reservoir • Displacement in linear systems • Macroscopic displacement of fluids in a reservoir • Mobility-control processes • Miscible displacement processes • Chemical flooding • Thermal recovery processes
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Aoa. Dear, I need this book "Field Geologist Training Guide (exlog series of petroleum, geology, & engineering handbooks) free"
Plz send me link if you have.

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